B.Y.O.B. + Drinks From The Bar

All drinks are prepared at our bar using the alcohol you have brought with you.Our bar is stocked with ingredients to make most cocktails. If there is something specific that you would like us to stock, please let us know.

We will do our best to accomodate your requests.


Elixirs and Mixers…...

A tavern in a dry town…who would have thought!  We have worked very hard to provide you with some mixers, new and old that will blend well with your BYOB



fresh squeezed lemons, organic sugar, sparkling or flat

(great with gin, vodka…or anything!)



tropical juices, coconut, shaved nutmeg

(great with rum!)


Basil Lime Martini

torn fresh local basil, lime, shaken like crazy

 (great with vodka)


Raspberry Lime Rickey

proprietary secret!

(perfect alone….even better with vodka)



fragrant muddled homegrown mint,

organic raw sugar, lime, seltzer

(amazing with rum….or keep it virgin)


Dark N' Stormy

muddled fresh lime, fever tree premium ginger beer

(amazing with rum….refreshing alone)



corkage - 14 per bottle

a note on corkage:

Other restaurants benefit from the sale of alcohol which helps cover the cost of doing business.  Since we do not have this luxury, our corkage and drink fees are charges to cover costs so we can continue to pay our staff fairly, and keep providing you with quality food, service, and glassware.

we can also make whatever type of martini or mixed drink that you fancy


wine/liquor lockers are available for the season

inquire within


Cheers from the wettest dry town in America